Saturday, December 15, 2012

Chapter 1.02 When Things Occur

Which is what he was doing when the fleet of warships sailed into Barakat. Armos had seen a few warships dock in Barakat in his time here, but never more than two or three at a time. And these ships ranged in size from small escort boats to enormous galleons. As they got closer, Armos counted sixteen of them all told, carrying an amazing amount of men and equipment. As they sailed closer, Armos noticed several ships flying the flag of the city go out to meet them.

"Should we be concerned about them?" Armos asked the man helping him carry a sack of grain up the docks to be loaded up to a cargo ship. The man, Kilgar, claimed to have been working these docks for fifteen years, and had several scars on his face that had purportedly come from knife fights from the time he press ganged into joining a pirate ship.

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